Homeward Bound trough Zambia

13 – 16 August 2018

Zipping back through Zambia

We left Lake Shore Lodge, Tanzania at 06h45 and travelled on great roads to the border near Mbala – the Old Great North Road.  We arrived at the border post at around 11 am.  So nice and quiet!

We exited Tanzania with no problems, and drove through the gate into Zambia.  The Zambians have recently brought customs officials to the Mbala border post – until recently I believe one had to drive to Mbala town to get third party insurance and pay road tax – now one can do it at the border post.  All our paperwork was still valid from our stay in Zambia in June-July, so easy for us.

The first 20km or so of the T1 in Zambia is potholed dirt, really bad road, but then it is tar – new road and great!  We whizzed along, just keeping eyes open for goats, cattle, herders and children.

The road off the T1 to Kapishya hot springs is good dirt and meanders through stunning countryside – looks like rocky limestone hills and beautiful bush, although many trees have been felled along the way.  After a 10,5 hour drive, including the border crossing, we arrived at Kapishya and the wonderful hospitality of Mel and Mark.  We stayed in a chalet again, especially as we were only staying one night this time.

Cozzies on, drink in hand and we headed for a soak and relax in the warm waters.  Emma was in heaven – the biggest bath she has had in forever :).

Dinner was delicious – thanks Mel – and after a good night’s sleep we were up early, armed with a breakfast pack and Mark’s yummy coffee, and headed towards the T2 and Fringilla Farm, leaving at 6h45.  Back to the T1 and truck traffic, especially after the intersection with the road coming from the copper belt.  We refueled at Serenje and the Puma filling station takes credit cards – all the others only take cash.

16h40 we pulled into Fringilla and booked into a cottage, enjoyed an enormous supper, a good night’s sleep, quick breakfast, stock up on some droe wors and biltong from the Fringilla butchery, and left for Livingstone.

Quick stop at Fig Tree Cafe for a delicious cappucino, yummy biscuits – here one can buy meat etc for your trip – can preorder too!

It took a while to get through the morning traffic in Lusaka, then the T2 served up more of some hectically pot holed road for a good few kms.

Eventually the road improved and we sailed off to Camp Nkwazi, about 20km outside Livingstone.  A beautiful campsite and lodge on the banks of the Zambezi. Luxury – grass!!!  Supper was the last of the meat in our freezer – made a goulash/stew.

Last baked apples done on the fire for this adventure

Leaving Nkwazi quite late as our next destination was a mere 100 km away – Kasane, Chobe River Lodge.