Surviving long distance car travel

When the side road is better than the official road
Our kind of road

When spending weeks in the car with the wife there is only so much that you can talk about and a lot of subjects can be troublesome (there are more snakes than ladders here). Subjects such as her family, why dish washing is a woman’s job and who forgot to pack the …… are all subjects that don’t make for hours in the car together much fun. The other point of contention is your driving and the lack of skills that you possess – you swerve to avoid a pothole and get into trouble and you hit the pothole and are still in trouble. You drive to slowly and you won’t make camp by nightfall and you drive to quickly and you hit the pothole. Elephants crossing the road and cows grazing on the side add another dimension. At the end of the day there is not really a solution other than finding a distraction. We have luckily discovered Audiobooks while traveling and this has revolutionised the way we spend the long hours on the road together. Tip of the day – If you really want to climb a big ladder – listen to one of the books she selected.