River Crossings with a Hysterical Codriver

Thank you Holloways 🙂
Oh dear….

This can be traumatic for the driver especially when you are sitting next to a hysterical codriver. The answer is to let the codriver walk the crossing and wait on the other side. The purpose of this first walk is to ensure that there are no crocodiles in your path as well as to get the hysterical codriver out of the small confines of the vehicle. The driver then needs to walk the course and look for holes and check the depth. If it is more than thigh deep you may have a problem (and if it touches the balls then don’t attempt it). Use sticks to mark the course through the water. Once sure then committ – continue over at a steady pace. It is fatal to stop in the middle of the crossing even if the wife shouts from the other bank to stop (our second crossing – I am often blamed for not listening but for some reason I did and stopped and it came with unhappy consequences.) Thanks Patrick for the tow – a good chance to use some of the gear that we spent a fortune on.