Kasane Pit Stop

The road from Nxai Pan to Kasane was great once we got past Nata, and we had a pleasant drive along the Highway – but we had to have our eyes open as this is Africa, so three times we had to slow down for elephant crossing the road.

Beware – Elephants Crossing!

As we arrived in Kasane District, mindful of the changes in speed limit – but Rich took his foot off the accelerator too late, so speed fine no.2 ….eish!  We paid our fine and headed to Chobe Safari Lodge, for some R&R and clean up.  We booked into one of their rondawels – super comfy and quite luxurious actually.

Warthogs, baboons and monkeys live in the lodge grounds

P1600 per night for the two of us, but without any meals.  Still worth it!  This is a great place – campsite is also really nice.  You can go on many tours from here, if you choose to.

Checking in

That evening we were invited to a braai at friends of friends – Pete’s place is in Kazungula, and from the bottom of his garden you can see four countries : Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Great evening – thanks so much Pete!

We also met Mark and Kathy who are directors and run the Caracal Wildlife Rescue Centre in Kasane – check out their website.  www.caracal.info. Centre for Conservation of African Resources: Animals, Communities, and Land use.

This centre is doing great work in the area – looking after orphaned and injured wildlife.  Animals that cannot be released because their injuries are too bad are kept at the Sanctuary and act as ambassadors for their species.  Community work and education is done to try to reduce human-wildlife conflict by teaching people about the animals and their behaviour.  This sanctuary is really worth a visit, and your support.  They have great plans to expand … funding needed.  Do the tour – Mike showed us around – so knowledgeable and clearly passionate about where he works – loves his snakes!

Mike explaining the behaviour of this snake – clearly one harmless to humans 🙂
The Boss of the Sanctuary – a Marabou Stork who had to have one of his wings removed – think he was struck by a car. If I remember correctly, his name is Captain!

After catching up with blogs, we went on a date night – dinner cruise on the Chobe – just along the Kasane water front area.  We landed up being the only guests – beautiful evening with absolutely delicious food.  Wonderful way to end our stay in Botswana.  4 course meal plus bottle of wine for the 2 of us cost a total of about P800!  Fabulous deal, especially as it was only two of us with the boat skipper, barman and chef attending to us.

Romantic dinner for two floating on the Chobe River
Our Chef! Best oxtail.