Fishing with the Wife

Are we fishing or birdwatching – apparently it’s possible to do both

Fishing is a very important male thing and the wife is not often permitted to join. It’s a sacred bonding experience where you get the chance to compare models of reel and rod, discuss tactics and compare lure choice based on factors such as clouds in the sky and clarity of water. Your fishing partner understands your exploits and shares your experience fully. It’s different with the wife. There is no shared experience in terms of equipment choice and tactics. Lure choice is made according to pretty colours that co-ordinate with earrings being worn and precision casting does not exist – more time is spent going to the bank to extract lure from tree then actual fishing. All said it’s satisfying when they catch their first tiger fish (No comment made when it’s bigger then yours) and it’s great to share the overall experience even though you realise that it is possibly from two completely different viewpoints. I suppose the guys with their fishing tackle are similar to the girls when they go out with their mates and each have expensive and exotic handbags. As the guys eye out each other’s Stella reels and latest Shimano rods all with the end goal of seeing who catches the biggest fish, so the girls eye out each other’s handbags which is an indication of who landed the biggest fish.

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