Cape Town to Pretoria

D-Day = Departure Day – 21 May dawns, tea, breakfast with the kids, and the last packing… and it is raining. At last I am feeling excited, still stuff I haven’t done that I wanted to before we left, but too bad.

At 8:44, odometer zeroed, we headed off. Audiobook started after about 5 mins of driving, then coffee and biscuits, and had have my crocheting, now we feel we are truly on our way.

We had a lovely drive to Lemoenfontein, Beaufort West- what a fabulous farm and lodge. A little luxury before the camping starts in earnest.

We left Lemoenfontein at 8 am for the start of Day 2, destination Kimberley. Family tradition dictated we stop at Three Sisters for breakfast

before continuing on to Kimberley

through the beautiful Karoo. Clearly there has been good rain in that area – it looked so beautiful. But I just love the Karoo.

We stayed with friends on their farm for the night – thank you Thompson’s- lekker braai and Richard’s all time fave breakfast of kidneys on toast!

Day 3 was the leg from Kimberley to Pretoria – I haven’t driven that stretch for quite a few years, and it was sad to see how bad the roads are getting, especially in the smaller towns. Anyway, we got to practice driving around potholes! We are on Audiobook no 2 now, got to Pretoria safely, managed to squeeze in a visit to a friend in Irene, drive past our old house, before heading to the Murrays for the night. I wish we had a little more time in Pretoria to see more friends, but the Bush is calling. Tomorrow we  start our Bush experience gently by driving to Kruger National Park..binocs, books, and camera are ready.