It’s happening!

This has been a crazy week.  It is incredible how much preparation one has to do to make sure everything keeps ticking over at home.  What ever is not done at this stage, well, just tough.  We will make plans as we go.  Thanks to so many for the support, ideas, visits, during the build up to our adventure…TOMORROW we hit the road.  I cannot believe this day is basically here!

Packing the front roof rack

The first of the final packing, with the help of our son, Alan, was to bolt on the front roof rack, packed with the all important recovery gear, spare tyre, spare water and fuel tanks, and Richard’s trommel from his school days will be used to carry firewood, briketts and other such messy stuff.

Next, make quite sure that the solar panels are indeed charging the battery that powers the fridge, freezer and lighting in Klippie.  All good!  We have two more batteries in the Toyota, and while we drive all three batteries are being charged.

And yesterday, we “rolled” Klippie onto the Hilux – Richard got to use the new reverse camera to help line up, plus with help, ummm, well sort of , from me, to we managed not to get it wrong.  Alan took photos :).  Emma wisely stayed in her room!

Time to make the bed- it is really comfy up in our elevated bedroom. We have our down pillows, snugly duvets, and ready to beat the cold with the beautiful Lesotho Wool blanket – thanks Kerry and Phil!

We are now ready – we think!  Clothes and toiletries packed, paperwork ready, travel food waiting to be put in the car and Klippie tomorrow morning.  Supper with Alan and Emma tonight was left overs to help empty the fridge – although they, together with cousin Niela will be staying here and looking after Ziggy and Jasper.  Hopefully I will sleep better than I did last night – mixture of anxiousness – what have we forgotten to do? Pack? But the excitement is beginning to outweigh the anxiety at last.

So tomorrow mid morning we should be on the road, heading to Beaufort West!  It’s happening…woohooo!