7 sleeps…

Reality is kicking in with 7 sleeps left until we hit the road! Mixture of huge excitement and nerves.

The highlight of the this last week is my 50 th birthday present from Friends and Family…. your contributions have paid for my dream…a hot air balloon ride over the African plains. I am so so excited and grateful.The flight is booked and now paid for 21 July 2018, Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. THANK YOU.

Today we started getting all the documents together for the border crossings, as well as the vehicle markings and safety requirements for each country. Finish that tomorrow. Richard was sourcing a dash cam, paying bills, paying for bookings, etc, and this afternoon we did our first basic groceries shop.   Now trying to fit it all in ?.

11 meals in this tiny freezer basket…we are quite impressed with ourselves.

Richard has also been planning our own shower “cubicle” next to Klippie, for those times when we do not have access to warm showers in ablution blocks, or just no ablution blocks. We are now finding out how useful his collection of tubing, wire and tape is ?.


Next duties…pack clothes, finish compiling documents and bookings, make bed in roof top tent, pack Klippie properly, and make sure all is order at home for those looking after Ziggy and Jasper ( the cats) and our house. I am sure there is plenty more…but I can’t think of anymore now.