We are a family who loves to travel.  Our best holidays have been our 4X4 trips in convoy with two or three other families – the first one to Botswana, then a couple of years later, through Namibia, and the last big trip we did was through Zimbabwe.  Exploring and adventuring into remote and wild places is a wonderful escape from the pressures of day to day urban life, we are reminded of how little we need materialistically we need to get by from one day to the next, and best of all, one gets to experience incredible landscapes, beautiful people, fascinating cultures, and unbelievable diversity in wildlife (animals and plants).

We have also been lucky enough to travel extensively in Europe, seen a little of the Far East, seen a teeny bit of the U.S.A and South America, mostly with the children, sometimes without.  Seychelles is our go to place for sailing and fishing, and fun times with family and friends.  Still so much to explore and experience.

This site will be our log of the journeys and adventures from May 2018 – starting with Sue’s 50th Birthday wish – to travel through south eastern Africa and experience the great migration in the Serengeti.

We hope you enjoy traveling with us!

Susan and Richard Gie